Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Another magnum opus, this ELP album has 3 things I love. Namely, brilliant painted gatefold art, both inside and out (top image is inner, bottom is outside), songs that essentially span an entire album side (in several movements), and lastly but mostly, EDDY OFFORD!!! What a brilliant engineer. His sonic choices still sound so fresh today. Check out "Stones of Years". More of Eddy's work to be featured for sure.

ELP - Tarkus
Cotillion Records 1971


  1. This may not be the right place to post this question, but its another album from '71. Stew, do you have a copy of Seven Suns from Violet Sedan Chair? Can't seem to find much info on it, or even an image of the cover.

  2. That is some freakin obscure stuff. You NEED to have that up on this blog, Stew!

  3. If you have it, I'd love an image of the cover art (as well as some mp3s if you want to send them)! I've never seen it for sale, just heard a few of my friends who are way into the psych stuff mention it. What does it sound like?

  4. Nah, I had the record sleeve as a kid, which I used to just stare at. One of those crazy paintings like Yes or something, but I've never heard the record. I think we got it in a bin of LPs from a garage sale. Sadly, I think my mom got rid of all of those records when I went off to college. Someone has got to have it though?

  5. I'm sorry to say I don't have any leads on this one at the moment (record label, persona, etc.). Randy/Brian, anything else for me to go on?

  6. The only remote reference of Violet Sedan Chair I've come across is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfsyYGN_Jpc

    as you'll see, it's not any help at all!

  7. Has anyone seen this?


  8. I know the post is old but the famous violet sedan chair has made a new apparition. (sorry for my english i'm french.
    First the last comment on the youtube video links to a revu named WIRED, the specified issue talk about an hidden track of this album that could give some hallucinations. Then i found this: http://bradicali.blogspot.com/2009/04/violet-sedan-chairs-youtube-video.html

    Someone manage to "decrypt" the video. And other talk about a puzzle in the magazine so i tought that this band were just made for the puzzle. But yesterday I was watching the TV show "fringe" I heard "walter bishop" one of the characters talk about "violet sedan chair" while he is on valium. And in the last episode of the second season i've seen this (really disturbing):

    Has we can see, the most "readable" track on the list appears to be the same as the one mentionned in the "WIRED" revue. When he put the vinyl on the turntable we can hear a portion of a song. So i decided to search in the comment of the fan's website about the TV show and find that in a comment:
    "Walter sends Astrid to fetch his Violet Sedan Chair album ... a fake band from the Wired Magazine that JJ Abrams guest edited."

    So what's the song played in the S2EP20 ??? I've erased the actor's voice from the track pour it seems confuse for my poor frenglish ^^. So i decided to study the triangular logo on the back of the cover (on the image) and just found that it represent a sort of "V.S.C" mixed together, nothing special for a (FAKE OR NOT ??!!!) band called "Violet Sedan Chair".

    @randy: Are you sure that you had this record sleeve ???

    This band seems to be totaly made up by the WIRED magazine. But I like the song played on Fringe. If i post the sample here someone wants to try to identify it ?

    Thanks for answers (and sorry again for my english, i'm so bad that i'm not sur if i've understood all this band story properly)

  9. Hello, me again. Some blogs on Fringe lists the musics of this episode:
    Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band),
    Classical Gas (Mason Williams),
    She's Doing Fine (Violet Sedan Chair), <--!!!
    Is There A Ghost (Band of Horses)

    Where did they find this title ? It's just really strange...

  10. http://www.tvline.com/2011/01/fringe-spoilers-violet-sedan-chair


  11. Sorry I've been absent for so long, been working on a record of my own. Thought it was worth mentioning that the VSC album is finally up on iTunes, and appears to have been nicely remastered.